Terms & Conditions

Limits of Liability

Speedo Services’ liability for loss or damage.

  • NO DECLARED VALUE on our official waybill, Speedo’s liability shall be limited to the refund of shipping fee

Speedo shall not be liable for other damages such as consequential, nominate, moral and exemplary damages and the like.

Speedo shall not be liable for lost, damaged, delayed shipment due to acts of God or force majeure.

In case of claims for loss or damage to shipment, claim must be made with the office of Speedo in Indore, within twenty-four hours (24) from receipt/acceptance of shipment. All other claims must be made within seven (7) days from receipt/acceptance of shipment, otherwise, such claims and/or complaints shall be deemed waived.

Venue of all legal actions shall be in the proper courts of Indore City only, to the exclusion of all other courts.


Sender unconditionally warrants, that:

  1. The Shipment does not contain:
    • Explosives including fireworks, Pornographic materials, Weapons, Arms, Ammunition, Flammable materials, Dangerous chemicals, Narcotics and Illegal Drugs, Currency, Jewellery, Share Certificates, Blank Cheques and/or precious stones/metals
    • Valuable documents such as, but not limited to passport, visas, land titles, licenses, receipts etc.
    • Prohibited items such as, but not limited to perishable items, pirated items, drugs, guns, ammunitions, explosives, flammable items, hazardous chemicals

    • In case of violation of this warranty, Sender holds Speedo free and harmless from any liability arising and/or in connection with the same, and shall cooperate with Speedo in defending itself should any claim be brought against it in connection herewith, without prejudice to the liability of Sender to reimburse Speedo for all expenses incurred in making such defence, including but not limited to costs of law suit and attorney’s fees, without further prejudice to other remedies available to Speedo against Sender under law and equity.

  2. Speedo is authorized by Sender to, at its option, before acceptance of the shipment or even during the time that the package is in the custody of Speedo, to open or inspect the package, in the presence of the shipper, consignee, their respective representatives, or government officials.
  3. The package is sealed in Sender’s presence and that the contents are intact.
  4. The shipment is packaged sufficiently to prevent damage that would arise in the normal handling of shipment. Any glass, fragile items or electronic equipment must be identified as such and be professionally packaged or crated for shipment; otherwise, any claim for damage or loss against such shipment shall be denied or unavailing.
  5. The shipment is properly described on the waybill as to its proper contents and/or value.
  6. All information provided is true, correct and complete. Should address and/or Name of Recipient/Sender be incorrect, Sender shall be liable and shall pay for the re-forwarding, return and/or other charges as a consequence of said misrepresentation.
  7. Sender agrees that Speedo shall have a lien on any and all goods shipped for the payment of unpaid freight charges and/or other fees and / or advances or charges for the delivery of the shipment.
  8. All applicable laws, rules and regulations, including but not limited to the procurement of necessary permit/s and/or licenses from appropriate offices/agencies have been complied with by Sender in connection with this and/or the contents of the shipment.
  9. Within the day for delivery, Recipient or any person residing or found in the given address of sufficient discretion and age is present to receive the shipment.
  10. Sender has the sole obligation to verify the status of delivery of the shipment within seven (2) days from date of acceptance thereof by Speedo.
  11. Sender shall hold Speedo free and harmless from any liability due to the delay in delivery due to absence of recipient or any concern person of sufficient discretion in the address provided by Sender who will receive the shipment.
  12. Sender has completely read and understood the terms of this contract and voluntarily acts the terms and conditions thereof, upon affixing of signature of Sender or Sender’s authorized representative in this Waybill.